Latin American Legal Studies is a law journal which publishes original articles that meet strict scholar standards, on miscellaneous legal subjects with a philosophical, doctrinal, comparative, or interdisciplinary approach, that relates to one or more Latin American systems, as well as comparative work between one Latin American system and a non-Latin American system, written in English and Spanish. The journal also publishes articles based on the Law & Society approach. Manuscripts submitted to Latin American Legal Studies are subject to double-blind peer review. The journal is supported by the Faculty of Law of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Latin American Legal Studies publishes two issues per year in January and August. The journal is open access, without publication or access fee, and is published in PDF format. Approved manuscripts are published in the order, volume and number defined by the Editorial Team.

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Gustavo A. Beade

Structural Problems of the “Cooperation Agreement”

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Roberto Fragale Filho

Producing Knowledge (Despite the Storm)

Cristóbal Millar Bruna

20 Years from Aedo v. Fisco: Is There Still Something of the Old Public Law Nullity?

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Rodrigo Momberg U.

Some Reflections on Force Majeure Clauses in Modern Contracting

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Pamela Prado López

Civil Liability of the Principal Company for Workplace Accidents in the Subcontracting Regime: A Critical View of Case Law