Vol. 9 (2021): The Chilean Constitution-Making Process

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Volume 9


Editor's Note

Isabel Aninat, Rodrigo Correa, Guillermo Jiménez, Constanza Salgado, Samuel Tschorne, Verónica Undurraga

Editors' Note: The Chilean Constitution-Making Process

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Special Issue: The Chilean Constitution-Making Process

Roberto Gargarella

Justice and Democracy: Two Centuries of Unfinished Discussion (With a Coda on Chile)

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Antonio Morales Manzo

In Which Sense Is Constituent Power Free? An Approach to the Concept of Political Liberty from David Hume’s Work

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Contanza Núñez Donald

“We, the people” and the international community. Cosmopolitan Guidelines for the Chilean Constitutional Process

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Luis Eugenio García-Huidobro, Sebastián Guidi

Bertoldo’s Court: Constitutional Delegation in the Design of Judicial Institutions

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Pascual Cortés Carrasco, Gonzalo García-Campo Almendros

The Constituent Process and the Police: The First Step in a Democratizing Project

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Joaquín Schäfer Rodríguez

International Investment Arbitration under the Chilean Jurisdictional Organization: A Review

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Chilean Blog of Comparative Law

María Ithurria

Latin American Principles of Contract Law: A Critique

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Brigitte Leal

Not Only Climate is Changing: Transformations of the Notion of Responsibility

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