Vol. 12 No. 1 (2024): Special Issue: Critical Legal Theory and Social Justice in the Americas

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Volume 12


Special Issue: Critical Legal Theory and Social Justice in the Americas

Hugo Rojas Corral, Sheila Vélez Martínez

Editors' Note

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Lieta Vivaldi Macho, Camila Troncoso Zuñiga , Andrea Salazar Navia

Caregiving from Feminist Paradigms: Social Reproduction and Ethics in Regulations and Public Policies

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Noémie Boivin

Asylum Claim and Regularization at the Mexican Southern Border: Legal Ethnography Based on Experiences of Foreign Women in Tapachula

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Rafael Blanco

Role of the Guarantee Judge in the Investigation in the Criminal Procedural Systems of Chile, Uruguay, and the Federal Argentine System

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Silvia Gagliardi, Eoin Carolan, Somsubhra Banerjee, Demian Ernesto Iglesias Seifert, Daniela Rodriguez Gutierrez

The Influence of Popular Conceptions of National and Constitutional Identity on the Position of Marginalized or Minority Groups Within a Nation State. A Legal, Empirical, and Comparative Analysis of Four Jurisdictions Through the Prism of Gender

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Jules Lobel

Critical Human Rights Lawyering in Latin America and the United States – The Latin American roots of participatory impact lawyering

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R. Paz Acevedo Gómez

Toward a Constitution of Care: Lessons from the Chilean Constitutional Process of 2021-2022

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Paula Garat

The Right to Social Security in the Case Law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights: Standards and Challenges for its Protection

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Sarah Dávila

Rights of Present and Future Generations to a Healthy Environment: An analysis in Intergenerational Equity and Solidarity in Latin America

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