Vol. 10 No. 2 (2022)

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Volume 10


Special Issue: Law and...? Interdisciplinary Studies in the Law

Irina Domurath, Sergio Gamonal C., Javier Wilenmann

Editors’ Note: Law and…? Interdisciplinary Studies in the Law

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Juan I. Wilson

Legal History in the US and Latin America: Explaining a Methodological Divide

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Francisca Rengifo

Marital Home. Law, Divorce and Intimate Violence in Nineteenth Century

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Sergio Gamonal C.

Utopia, Dystopia and Labor Law

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Javier Wilenmann, Mayra Feddersen, Maite Gambardella, Julia Cavieres

The Chilean Institutional Crisis and the Estrangement of Law

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Rodrigo Barcia Lehmann, José Maximiliano Rivera Restrepo

The Struggle for the Soul of the Contract: From Contractual Literalism, through the Law of Remedies, to the Confrontation between Contractual Equity and the Economic Analysis of Law

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Patricia Verónica López Díaz

The Hyper Vulnerable Consumer as a Weak Party in Chilean Law: A Taxonomy and Scope of the Applicable Legal Protection

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Ignacio Agustín Peralta Fierro

The technocrats and their monopoly on antitrust

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Hugo Rojas, Salvador Millaleo, Miriam Shaftoe

Transitional Justice in Established Democracies: Analysis of the Canadian, South African, and Chilean experiences

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