Vol. 7 (2020): Philosophy of Private Law

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Volume 7


Editor's Note

Alberto Pino Emhart

Editor's Note: Philosophy of Private Law

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Claudio Michelon

The Public Nature of Private Law?

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Cristian Aedo Barrena

Is Freedom the Assumption on which Civil Liability is Built?

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Fabrizio Esposito

Some Notes on Interdisciplinary Theoretical Disagreements between Law and Economics

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Lucila Fernández Alle

The Concept of Damage and the Harm Principle

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Esteban Pereira Fredes

Good Faith and its Normative Foundations

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Joaquín Reyes Barros

Beyond Commutative Justice: Contract Law, Justice, and Just Prices

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Alexander Vargas Tinoco

Prolegomena for an Interpersonal Risk Regulation

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Adriano Zambon

What is Property?

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Book Reviews

Iñigo de la Maza Gazmuri

Review: Reliance in the Breaking-Off of Contractual Negotiations

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