Vol. 6 (2020)

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Volume 6


Special Issue: Constitutional Criminal Law

Jaime Couso Salas

Punishment Standards for Juveniles in the Case Law of Constitutional Courts and International Human Rights Tribunals. Trends and Current Issues

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Héctor Hernández Basualto

Forced Privatization of the Economic Criminal Law. Questions of Legitimacy

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Javier Wilenmann

Disciplining the Imposition of State Sanctions

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Book Reviews

Fernando Londoño

Review Article: Criminal Law in the Age of the Administrative State

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Roberto Ignacio Carrillo A.

About the Challenges to Regulate the Banking Activity and the New Legal Framework for Banks in Chile

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Natalia Cereceda Barrios, Antonia Cofré Farías, Melissa Joo Amunátegui, Cindy Lorca Romero, Kaely Labraña Trincado

Gender Stereotypes in the Judicial Procedure: Analysis from the Perspective of Gender and Latin American Comparative Analysis

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Santiago Martínez

Environmental Taxation in Chile: A Critical Analysis

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Agustín Martorell Awad

Mineral Rights Owners and Renewable Energies in Chile: An Unsettled Conflict

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