Vol. 11 No. 1 (2023)

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Volume 11


Special Issue: Comparative Law

María Jesús Ithurria Benavente, María Elisa Morales Ortiz

Editors’ Note: Engaging with Foreign Law and Comparative Law in Latin America

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Ernesto Vargas Weil

The Trust Facing Chilean Law: An Approach from the Perspective of the ‘Rights Against Rights’ Theory

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María Elisa Morales Ortiz

Two Examples of Legal Transplants in Chilean Consumer Law

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Constanza León Montero

General Interest as a Differentiating Criterion Between the Chilean and Spanish Appeal for Cassation on the Merits

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Patricia Toledo-Zúñiga, María Pilar Navarro-Schiappacasse

Procedural Aspects of the General Anti-Avoidance Rule. Comparative Analysis of the Cases of Chile and Spain

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Nelson Rosas, Pablo Marshall

The Functional Model of Legal Capacity: An Analysis of the Regulation of Legal Capacity in three Common Law Jurisdictions

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Liliana Ronconi, Brenda Espiñeira, Soledad Guzmán

Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Where We Are and Where We Should Go

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Cristián Aedo Barrena, Renzo Munita Marambio

Some problems raised by the theory of the equivalence of conditions and the theory of adequate causation in civil liability

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Iñigo de la Maza Gazmuri, Boris Loayza Mosqueira

Previous Contract? Precario and the Suitability of the Promise Agreement as a Defense

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