Vol. 8 (2021)

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Volume 8



Pablo A. Cornejo

Choice of Court Agreements in International Consumer Contracts Their Efficacy Under Law No. 19.496

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Carlos Correa Robles

The So-Called Refusal to Assess Evidence in the Scholarship and Case Law

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Fabián González Cazorla

Collective Moral Damages in Chilean Consumer Law: Current Situation and Projections

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Renzo Munita Marambio

On Contractual Fairness and the Bindingness of the Contractual Bond: An Analysis in Light of the Legal Protection of the Weaker Contracting Party

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Ricardo Núñez Cádiz

The Legal Nature and Features of the Action Established on Article 669 Paragraph 1° of the Chilean Civil Code

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Francesc Ordoñez Ponz

The Conformity: Negotiating, Compromising, Reducing, and... Wavering Rights to Facilitate the Process?

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Chilean Blog of Comparative Law

Rodrigo Kaufmann Peña

Constitutional comparison as an opportunity for Chile’s constituent process

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Ernesto Vargas Weil

With a Twenty-Year Delay, Cinderella has Finally Arrived at the Ball

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