Vol. 3 (2018)

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Volume 3



Sergio Gamonal C.

From the Horizontal to the Diagonal Effect of Fundamental Rights within the Employment Contract: A Latin American Perspective

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Erika Isler Soto

The Collission between Specialty and Hierarchy in Consumer Law: Approximation to a Real Antinomy

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Ann C. McGinley

Gender, Law, and Culture in the Legal Workplace: A Chilean Case Study

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Rocío Norambuena Avilés

Identification of Skeletal Remains of People Detained Disappeared and Persons Executed for Political Reasons, and Personal Integrity of the Relatives

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Andrés Salas Retamal

Online Data Privacy Regulations in Chile and Australia: A Critical Review and Future Challenges

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Constanza Toro

Post Legislative Scrutiny at Parliaments: The Case of Chile and UK

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